* Retrochamber *
Slain back from hell

Slow, incomplete, annoyingly hard, an bad Castlevania look a like


Cool concept

Good graphics style

Awesome credits scene


Slow controller response

Annoyingly hard

Feels incomplete

Graphics 6
Music 5
Feeling 4
Story 6
Total 5.8
Stiff movements, annoying challenges and hard to separate graphics

Stiff movements, slow game and hard to separate graphics, a bad Castlevania look a like

You, Bathoryn are dead. But yet again life demands your assistance to cleanse the world of evil.

There's no rest until the mission is complete and the six deadly overlords are destroyed.

Good potential

This game had a lots of potential, crazy cool with an touch of North mythology, heavy metal concept, transformation to beasts and of course the Castlevania looks.

Sadly the game does not live up to the expectation of a Castlevanina look a like. But if you're a fan of hard rock music then you'll at least have something to cheer you up.

Graphics - Hard to separate backgrounds from traps

First of all, the graphics has a good gothic look with a great amount of details in it. Some of the parts though like the characters attack animation just feels not quite okay, kind of stiff move.

But what bothered me most or all was that the traps and the background was inseparable, there was no way to figure it out with logic. You just had to die to figure it out. That made the game a lot more annoying and irritating when dying.

Though I must say that the statues of enemies who's blending into the background was a fine doing because it was not instant death, you had some seconds to take in the whole situation.

Slow game controller response or unbalanced wait-time

The one thing that bothered me as much as the inseparable backgrounds was the slow controller input response. Castlevania games usually has a button to slide back in an instant and Slain also has this function though the response is so slow that it's usually worse even trying to use it.

Every attack and move you do always have an wait-time before you can continue just feels so missplaced and destroys most of the fun part.

Lame story, brutal dialogues

Slain is easley manipulated into new missions in a brutally argumentative way which can be quite entertaining.

He doesn't want any help but never successfully denies either.

Other then that, there's not much of a story here.

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