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Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu

More alive then ever but it comes with a few let downs


Original feeling of Pokemon

Beautiful low-polygon graphics

Lots of things beyond the game


HM is no longer a move

Bad handheld controller

Less challenging

Graphics 7
Music 8
Feeling 6
Story 8
Total 7.8
Classic game with a modern approach

Once again you'll be thrown into the world Pokemon and Kanto´s region

When I started the game for the first time I was immediately thrown back to the late 90´s with the beautiful enviroment and fantastic music. With a few minor changes, the world of Kanto is more or less exactly as it was back in the days except it´s alive in a whole other sense!

Low-polygon graphics

I love the thought of less graphics and more gameplay. Trying to achive a kind of 3D classic look with modern techniques is not an easy task but Pokemon Lets Go has done it successfully! The game itself could not be compared with other modern games at all and nor should it. It should be compared to the classic 8-bit Pokemon Yellow from 1998.

In many ways they maintained the graphics as it was and as they could going from 2D to 3D.

Gameplay is fun with a few let downs

The gameplay itself is very good and it feels classic, it's basically just a new graphics on an old game. Though they have made some slightly changes that changed most of the game.

You will pretty much get Pokemon thrown at you at the beginning of the game so you'll have an army of super Pokemon. That erased the whole strategy plan about which pokemon will be in your party and where do you find them.

One of the new added features I liked is pokemon mastery where you face the masters in specific pokemons like Pikachu Master e.g. and they are not going down easy!

HM is not part of game battle puzzle

In other Pokemon games HM where a part of the games puzzle as you had to sacrifice a move spot for a hidden machine(HM). In Pokemon let's go the HM is all given to Pikachu and the challenge where cut in half.

Unbalanced controller

The docked controller seems a little less worked on in a sense that the motion controller for catching pokemon took all focus. I would have liked to see a more classic approach here where key items could be added like the map of Kanto and riding on a pokemon. For the catching mode maby some kind of stamina to at least simulate a battle, because it's still a remake of the 1998 Pokemon Yellow.

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