* Retrochamber *

This game continues to suprise me over and over with strong story, cool cutscenes, new challenges and wonderful world graphics


Strong characters

Deep story

Fantastic graphics

Open world in 2D


The music does not keep up with the graphics and story

No concequens for dying

Graphics 10
Music 8
Feeling 10
Story 10
Total 9.5
Open world 2D adventure with amazing story and graphics

A mute warrior of the owls who's not a stranger for trouble is the last hope of the world as we know it

The mystery of owls has spread around the world and pirates has gathered to destroy the capital Advent and steal the owls relics.

The relics contains such great powers that if it falls into the wrong hands the entire world is at stake.


As an owl, there's no place you cannot reach with the help of your wings. But the wings cannot destroy walls or burn trees out of the way. That's what you need friends for, you carry them and they use their weapon of choice to destroy what's in your way. Sounds like a piece of cake but I promise the game will prove challenging.

Make friends as you further in the game to gather new abilities and open up new ways to discover more of the open world.

Every friend has a personality and weapon well adapted into the story of owlboy.


Owls has the technique to create wonderful and monstrous things even life itself, some has been lost and others to be discovered.

Among many things a new race was created by the hands of the owls and their purpose is since long forgotten, but a new purpose can always be forged.

The new race, now pirates are after the owl relics called Hex to gain power enough to challenge the authority and bring destruction to it's front door!

What are the concequens of using this relics, all magic comes with a price.

Stunning graphics

What's really put Owlboy apart from other 2D games I the amazing amount of details put in the game. The trees, grass and fruits all effected by the wind and it looks so much alive.

There's always something happening in the background like floating rocks, thorns or whatever theme at the current place you're at, the concept always deliver beautiful surroundings.

The characters design is equally as beautiful and their playfull graphics fits right in to the world graphics.

An 2D open world game

At first I said to myself "How can I play a open world without an mini map?". But as I further in the game I found the environment very memorable and quickly learned the world of Owlboy.

The world ain't very big as the game ain't either but the quality of the hours spent is worth while.

No consequences

There to many checkpoints in Owlboy, so many that if you die you basically restart from the very same position. I'm not saying the game is easy mode, it definitely has it hard parts though restart at checkpoints removes most of the challenges. On the other hand I can see this story based game follow its natural course.

Low quality music

I am a bit disappointed that the music and sounds does not have the same quality as the graphics and story. Most of the time I barley noticed that there was any music in the games except for the cut-scenes.

I believe that if you spend 10 years on a game almost to perfection then you could have spent a little longer and focused on the music and sounds as well.

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