* Retrochamber *

Short but intensive game with three different characters and playstyle


Fast phased

Multiple classes



Too short

Need a proper boss song

Graphics 8
Music 7
Feeling 9
Story 6
Total 6.8
Fast phased top-down 2D action

You are a Kamiko, child of the transient world choosen to save the people from the demons

The realm of the dead is now sealed to our world and humans led to destruction. Become the Kamiko and release the seal on the gate between worlds.


There are three different classes in Kamiko.

Yamato fights with a big sword and he's the fastest of all with minimum amount of wait time between attacks and finished combo. He can hit multiple enemies with each swing.

Uzume uses a bow and shots a single arrow or bursts of arrows which always hits just one target and wait time between combo is quite long, but don't think her the fool cause six arrows flying is a killer.

Hinome use a dagger and a boomerang shield, she casts the shield and it flyes through enemies and back again through them with good amount of damage also you can throw it diagonally. Meanwhile you attack enemies with dagger in a 2 attack combo until shield is back, though they are the weakest weapon of all. Her wait time is pretty average though.


I must make a confession, when I started Kamiko for the first time I was a little bit disappointed about the super simple low-pixel graphics... Yeah I know, don't judge the book by it covers and all that! To my surprise, even though the 8-bit graphics they have an environment that feels very much alive in a modern retro way.

They probably put in the least work on the characters which could have a nicer run animation and at least eight direction movements animation instead of four.


The music is very simple and it takes me back to 8-bit era in a very mystical way. The only thing I miss here is a proper boss song that really gets the nerves spinning around!

Don't get me wrong here, the bosses will give you a challenge more or less depending on the class of choice but a proper boss song would be the tip of the iceberg.


At the start of my adventure i was thinking "what the hell, no diagonal movements animation!" But after a while it will just enhance the challenge and though I didn't like it in the beginning I came to an agreement with the game and actually got fond of it.

Overall it's a bit of puzzles you'll have to solve which can be quite tricky from time to time and quite funny.

But mainly it's all about hack and slash your way to the top. With the different play styles, levels and monster you'll have fun in the roughly 1 hour (for each character) game and it will present you with a challenge.


I was looking forward to more story in Kamiko, at least more then just in the beginning and the end. Could have wished for some interaction in between the game.

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