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I am Setsuna

I really enjoyed playing this game and be a part of it's deep story and dialogues with truly wonderful personalities and music.


Deep and planned story

Interesting characters

Supporting music


Imbalanced level system

No side quests

Monotonous cave systems

Graphics 7
Music 8
Feeling 6
Story 8
Total 7.8
Inspired by the one of the best JRPG's of the 90's

A warrior on a mission to kill one whose fate is committing suicide


I am Setsuna starts with Endir, a mercenary from the masked tribe of the Sword sets out on a mission to Hymncott woods to meet up Hapsper and rescue a lost girl.

The mission was successfully completed and Hapster takes the girl home while Endir lingers. An mysterious man approaches and deliver the next mission to Endir: find a girl on Nive Isle who turns 18... And kill her!

Endir's target is the young woman Setsuna, selected to be the next sacrifice to still the monsters for the next ten years.

While tracking her to the Falling Snow Monument he did not expect Setsuna to be endowed with the purest of heart and the ability turn even the most cold-blooded mercenary to follow her pilgrimage.

Interesting characters

Main focus in RPG's is dialogues and can come to be quite soulless, but I am Setsuna really captivates the characters.

From cold-blooded mercenaries to heroic bodyguards, each character is unique.

Ever since final fantasy IX, first FF strongly focused on dialogues and story, I knew that I couldn't settle for any less. Let me get to the conclusion here: I am Setsuna did live up to every expectation I had according to dialogue and story.

Dialogue events that didn't make any difference in the story, provided a sense that you alone could determine the fate of the group. Then again, it's always fun being an asshole without consequence!

A low-poly style

The low-poly art style takes me back to the 90-00's when I found my love for JRPG's. It reminds me of Final Fantasy IX. Same playful fantasy like graphics.

The weapons are different and there are a whole bunch of them! Some weapons you will remember from big titles (just scroll down and look hehe) and others are 100% fantasy approved!

They've added the illumination and spherical wind bursts to the magic attacks in a way that looks simple and beautiful!

I am a little bit disappointed though that the monotonous caves has better graphics then the rest of the game. I would have wanted to see less graphics and more features here.

The 2D arts in I am Setsuna is just beautiful, high in details and a wonderful style. Truly a picture tells a thousand words.

Deep and planned story

I like the story in I am Setsuna and were constantly looking forward to see what would come next.

They've got everything from comedy, drama to unpredictable events. Maybe it was a little bit monotonous at some caves with several floors, but not to the limit that I would shutdown it down.

I am Setsuna was a bit unbalanced with level-up system. You gain level so fast that you mostly didn't need to heal either life or mana. That itself took away a large part of the challenge.

There's no doubts that this game's top inspiration was Chrono Trigger from SNES era. The battle system itself is more or less the same. But as a hardcore fan of JRPG's I don't see that as a problem at all, actually I liked every bit of it!

I am Setsuna is about 20 hours long and I definitely wanted to play more. Maybe we are spoiled after 50 hours classics from the 90s and early 20s hehe!

Supporting music for a sad story

The music is produced from a sad perspective and convey the feeling very good, so good that I was moved several times.

However, some areas, I thought the music was very inappropriate and playful most of the empty spaces, but there were a handful of places throughout the game.

Battle music was not something I favor, it was there and it was ok but not more.

I am so glad the music changes to a really cool and rhythmic boss encounter song, cause it's such a big part of JRPG's.

At the beginning of the game and in the menu you have to choose if you want to hear the voice of the characters in the fighting when they talk a little bit after you have won the battle. It was a little cool to hear and increased little sense of the characters personalities.

The sound of the attacks and magic were good, I enjoyed hearing how I slaughtered the hell out of my enemies!

Battle system with minor flaws

In a classic JRPG like this, almost everything, except the dialogs, is about the time-based battles. You have to wait for your turn so to speak.

Tokyo RPG Factory has been doing well with attacks, magics and items but the whole battle system is a little out of balance. Most enemies are killed with a few attacks but every now and then there is a super enemy that even in the end game level could not be beaten.

When it comes to attacks, you can add something called "momentum" which means you charge SP (special points) to perform a momentum attack by tapping the Y (switch) button just before the character flies away in its attack. It both saved me several times from dying and speeded up the battle. They also come in several different forms depending on what spiritnite you equipped, physically attacks or use magicall attacks.

Spells are found with the help of so-called spritenites. Available in several different forms, such as support, direct attack or improve stats. Some can not be used by some characters and you have the ability to mix the right spiritnites with the right characters and gain access to new combos, though you must grind A LOT in order to get most of them.

A combo is a magic attack where two or more characters merge and perform their magic attacks in an attack.

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