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Dead Cells

A true challenge, not for the faint of heart



Environment interaction and events

Highly detailed graphics

Various of gear and spells

Very good flow in battle system


Not much of a storytelling

Graphics 10
Music 9
Feeling 10
Story 9
Total 9.3
Eventually you will further in the game

A rogue-metroidvania that will test your true patience

Are you alive? Yes, fortunetly you cannot die a true death... and also you have no head. What happened and why are you here. A pile of bodies lies before you and they look like you. It seems you have died many times before but cant recall even died once. Maby you shall just go ahead a see what awaits.

A real challenge

This game will present you with a real challenge, every time you die you will start from the beginning of the game and yeah you read correctly.

Every enemy has their own movements and pattern which make every fight unique. You cannot just send a burst of attacks and expect to live. Some use physical attacks and others magical elements. This game is like jumping out of an airplane and learn to fly on the way down.

It reminds me of castlevanina back in the days, especially Castlevania: Circle of the moon to Game Boy Advance.

Highly decorated environment

Dead Cells pretty much push it to the limit of how far we can take 2D graphics. You can interact with mostly anything that looks suspicious enough and what you can't interact with moves with the wind or with parallax scrolling effects.

There are other areas with different themes that all maintain this dark brutal sense of a broken world. Every theme has their own version of doorways that could be either empty or a prisoner or someone claiming they need your help.

When you least expect it an sign appears and a challenge rift is upon you!

Gear, skills and spells

Don't hold on to your gear because you won't keep anything after death.

There are many different ways of playing such as brutal (weapons), tactics (traps) and survival (life stealing abilities) and they all have different sets of usable skills and weapons. There's no right or wrong here, there are different styles and your way of using it either physical or magical.

To ease up your expectations of ever finishing the game there are a few skills that is permanent and eventually make the game a little easier, don't get me wrong here I'm not saying it's easy only easier.

Fighting system

If you've ever played Dark Souls series you know what I mean, it's impossible to stand still and survive. You gotta move fast and this is a fast phased game to be sure!

Dodge, attack and dodge again is a good prescription to survive.

Don't expect either enemies to be the same and don't expect any technique to work for all enemies. Everything is based upon a pattern which makes the game very intuitive.

I wished for more storytelling

To be honest I wished for more of a storytelling in this game though I am settled with the subtle hints throughout the game.

I knew from the start that it was a roguevania game, but you know some wants more rogue and other more vania.

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