* Retro Chamber *
A fast phased platform adventure

You are the ancient warriors and the last army who stands between the Garoke and Ophidian Empire


The Ohipdian Empire are once again trying to take control of the Garoke inhabitants as they did to another nation 519 years ago. With techniques to enslave minds and control politicans, the democracy is on the brink of extinction.

The last chance is to turn to the Ancient Warriors and pray that they hear the voices of the still remaining citizen.

The betrayal

To further thier cause weapon specialist Katrick Mewton, former keeper of security of his nation turns on friends and betrays his country by selling his service to the Ophidians.

He is the one who developed Ophidians techniques for mind-control, but it's only temporary so when does it wear of?

The heroes

A few members from the Ancient Warriors trained by Master Meoew himself are sent out to battle the monstrous empire. Kitty, a karate cat with explosive fireballs, Smokey, a ninja cat with deadly shirukens equipped with deadly skills and acrobatic moves.

The two start characters has different stats Kitty has powerful blast but slow, which takes more energy to use and takes more damage. Smokey is faster with his shiruken but takes less damage and therefore less energy to use.


Make your way through the levels, kill the enemies to gather coins, slide and jump on every wall and find strategic combinations to beat the enemies in your way.

Later in the game the challenge increased with spikes on the ground, flamethrowers shooting in different directions and blocks falling after being stepped upon.

Though the AI for now is very simple and usually easier to just run through the whole stage rather then battling through. Though the battles can be quite entertaining as well.

At some stages it was hard to focus on enemies and gaps rather then the mountain background. It was so sharp and colorful that psychologically became important to look at.

Overall the game has many features and a potential for a fast phase platform and I can't wait for what will be added future updates and especially full game release.

Demo game created by www.kauergames.com

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