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Why Nintendo switch games are expensive

What is better speed or space

I would say speed in a heartbeat and let me tell you about my belief. The evolution of games has gone to a direction where addictive behaviour patterns and unnecessary effects is there to fill in for the not challenging parts!

Let me get a little bit further into this subject. Games today are to easy, it's more like watching a movie rather then playing a game but watching a movie with a controller in your hand would be tiresome. To make it worthwhile the addictive pattern and unnecessary effects was born because otherwise there would probably go back to the era when gamers was a unique group of people and not everybody on mother earth.

What we know about a movie is that it takes a lot of space and about addictive pattern usually needs internet connection to maintain the dopamine generating content. So the conclusion is new games require internet access and much space.

Space has a cost

Nintendo Switch is ran on SSD hard drive which is freakishly fast and games is on Switch cards which is a flash drive so there's no need to install anything on the main hard drive.

The downside of Switch cards is the price to produce it, not as cheap as blue-ray discs. The upside though is better battery time, easier to handle and crazy fast loading speed.

Beauty and the Switch card

Now when we know that speed has a cost the worst thing to do is to create a 80 gig game with unnecessary effects and movie like behaviour on Nintendo switch. That would probably cost the buyer $150-$200 for just one game!

Is this a bad thing? Could be for some but a blessing for others. I would say it's a thing of beauty, let games be games and movies be movies.

Don't get me wrong here the Switch is a powerful machine and it can handle a massive amount of details for games in every category.

The result

To begin with the games out now is heavily based on gameplay and we have an increased amount of indie games sold, also we'll see classics coming back with updated features and online mode. The fact that Nintendo switch almost sold as much in one year as ps4 in four years over in Japan, tells me that this is what we wanted. To relive the era where games where games and presented a real challenge!

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