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Final Fantasy games finally on Nintendo again

Four console generations later Final Fantasy games is back on a Nintendo console

Many years have passed since we last saw a main Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo console but where is Final Fantasy VIII? Does Square-Enix try to hide and forget it or will they fix what they didn't gave time for during the development in the 90s?

First time on Nintendo

Nintendo was the first to have Final Fantasy on their consoles from Final Fantasy I to VI. Square-Enix (former Square) was like a second part of Nintendo and worked close together. As we furthered in technology Nintendo 64 was in a earley stages and Square-Enix got the test kit and console specifications. Square-Enix gave some recommendations to Nintendo about their console power and the choice of game cards instead of discs but Nintendo ended up going their own way and the result was less power and space then required to handle a full blown RPG like Final Fantasy VII, according to Square-Enix calculations about Nintendo 64.

Final Fantasy VII where released on Playstation only and the following 20 years Square-Enix released games on Sony's consoles.

Here we are 20 years later and four console generations later Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X-X2 and Final Fantasy XII is arriving to Nintendo Switch. This is the first time we see any of these games in a Nintendo console!

Final Fantasy VIII

Back at the 90's Square had their table full of work. But that didn't stop them for creating two projects at the same time, and of course the projects where Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

So what happened is that they lend workers from FFVIII to FFIX leaving one project with more then enough and the other less.

The results of less workers and more overtime is an incomplete project. Could that be why Square-Enix is trying not to release FFVIII on Nintendo Switch? Hopefully Square-Enix will give us a clear answer soon.

Even though the project was incomplete, junction system a bit unbalanced Final Fantasy VIII took the world by storm and gave us a story never to be forgotten.

Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Version

I doubt that Nintendo switch can handle Final Fantasy XV without a major graphics drop and now the pocket version is a complete and mobile frindley version which is perfect for a console like switch.

So the full version will probably never arrive on Nintendo Switch. We will make sure to make a full review about Final Fantasy XV - Pocket Version in the near future!

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