* Retro Chamber *
A real tale of two brothers

A creative mind knows no bound

As the retro game holds a true way of expression, there is a medium that has been going on for more than a century that still runs free in the land of art. Besides our fascination for games and the art of indie game development, we are currently developing a movie production within the concept of Retrochamber.

As this is written, the very first short film of Retrochamber Productions is in the making. The movie was shot this weekend, 25-26th of august, in Nyköping, and are currently pending for editing on the island of Gotland.

Our first film ever is based on a script named Avsikt, and was visualized by a pro crew of thirteen dedicated and awesome people. The whole productions behind this movie holds a total of seventeen heroes of mighty film enthusiasts.


Avsikt is basically a business meeting between a boss and an employee - of course with a few laps of exaggeration - and as it turned out, after various discussions, it will now be a part of a bigger project called Ruter. Through Retrochamber and Retrochamber Productions we are building a story that will connect every future short film to the same world.

However, the story depict how this psychopathic boss of a great organisation will make a silent decision of life and death during the meeting.


We do not have a date, but we hope to see Avsikt on the big screen in the end of 2018 och beginning of 2019.


My name is Christoffer. I am writer and producer of Avsikt. My brother - and founder of Retrochamber - Johannes, is director and executive producer. Along the way we managed to gather a crew of film enthusiasts to help us make a dream come true. People from Stockholm, Eskilstuna and Nyköping came to set in Nyköping to fulfill a tale of two brothers.

So it is our thanks, from the very depth of our hearts, we share with the crew and sponsors that made the production of Avsikt a possibility.

More information about the development of Retrochamber movie productions and the production of Avsikt will be updated soon enough.

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