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A confession to me

We believe there's hidden gems amongt indie titles and our mission is to find them!

First I must make a confession:

As a child I often dreamt of working for some game magazine and playing games all day and review them all nights.

Unfortunately thats not what happened but I am glad for the path that the universe led me into.

I went to school and graduated as System Developer and working professionally as we speak and on my spare time I am a hobby indie game developer.

But building indie titles where not for me, I love playing them and boy it took so many years for me to figure that one out! Something I knew in my heart as a child took me 15 years to understand. That alone made me question my intelligence hehe.

So here I am 15 years later, programming this retrochamber, thinking back to the smartest version of me and found my true self, my purpose and my passion.

My goal is to make reviews of games, find news about upcoming games and also give my opinion about everything I show full time. But wait... Doesn't everybody do that nowdays? And why should you read about my opinion?

I must quote Danziel Washington here

You just have to be first nowadays, it doesn't even have to be right anymore

I don't believe in being the first, i don't care about being number one.

I do care about take the time needed in order to really create an opinion about the game, I do believe in really give every game a fighting chance because we never know where we'll find our next hidden gem!

Thank you for reading.


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