* Retro Chamber *
10 years of respect

10 years in the making

Tremendous amount of respect

Think about it, 10 years, a third of my lifetime and just as long as i took Blizzard to finish Diablo 3 or Square Enix to finish FFXV. That's the time D-Pad Studio spent on this Owlboy and I must say that I have nothing but respect!

I know from my time as a game developer the warrior mindset it takes to complete a long running project. The doubts, the economic sacrifice and still go on with your dream! Congratulations D-Pad Studio you have won my heart.

Located in Norway

Company is located in Norway and they where 5 coworkers on this project two of them placed in Norway and the rest spread out around the world. I can see the benefit of having coworkers helping you throughout personal sacrifice and burnouts.

In the end D-Pad Studio was one of the first government funded indie game development company in Norway. Follow along with your dream and it shall come true, only failure is quitting.

Inspired by the 90s hits

Zelda has been one of their biggest inspiration with both graphical design and charismatic characters. The strong backgrounds is inspired by Kid Icarus which has a way of making the world come alive with more details, and of course Owlboy took that to even grater heights.

What these games share in common is static images, usually only characters and bosses has animations. What makes Owlboy sticking out from the rest is the animation which could fool you for a real time wind effect, the world really comes alive. Every leaf in the trees and the grass on the ground has an animation and to achieve this feeling in pixel graphics takes a genius, a proper artist.

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