* Retro Chamber *

We believe in giving as many as games as possible a chance to be visible online

How does the ads work

With images and three different sizes.

  • Small ~256px
  • Medium ~768px
  • Big ~1200px

Where is the images?

Two spots for small images inside a game review.

One spot for medium image in footer on all pages.

One spot for big image on landing page!

We share your game through social media with ~5700 followers!

How much does it cost?

Welcome price is at 80% discount right now!

  • Small images $100 $500
  • Medium image $200 $1000
  • Large image $500 $2500

Both parties need to agree

Both I and the customer needs to agree through an email in order for the contract to be legal and for me for upload the ads.

How do you pay?

We will send an invoice

How long are you visible?

You will be visible for 30 consecutive days.


Contact me at ziinloader@gmail.com and I will help you out!

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